ultra-dense Hydrogen - Leif Holmlid

Another 10 years later, another experimental result on hydrogen can confirm the existence of metastable states of the hydrogen molecule. It concerns the study of ultra-dense hydrogen by Professor Holmlid. Professor Holmlid is able to produce metastable aggregates of hydrogen in which the distance between the protons is extremely reduced, and this is estimated on the basis of the kinetic energy of fragmentation for these aggregates. This characteristic is therefore consistent with the high kinetic energy relative to the Doppler enlargement found by Mills.

Holmlid proposes for the ultra dense hydrogen a structure made from a chain of mini hydrogen molecules since this type of structure can explain the experimental results observed.

If we interpret the spectra of Mills and the ultra dense hydrogen of Holmlid as the formation of binuclear hydrogen atoms, we are presented with a coherent picture of the underlying mechanism of nuclear reactions at low energy.