Hydrino: Heliumlike Hydrogen Spectra

About 10 years after, Randell Mills showed a very particular experimental result working with plasmas of hydrogen and helium. The interesting result of the work consists of a series of spectroscopic peaks that are present only in plasma obtained from a mixture of helium and hydrogen but that do not seem to belong to either hydrogen or helium in that they are peaks that do not find themselves in a plasma spectrum of only hydrogen or only helium.

It is possible to advance an explanation on the nature of these peaks: this is the formation of binuclear atoms of hydrogen which are catalyzed by the presence of helium. The interpretation of their nature is therefore the formation of a metastable species of hydrogen which is formed and stabilized by the presence of helium.

The fact that we are dealing with a kind of hydrogen is also suggested by the fact that the spectral line of hydrogen shows a Doppler broadening that is reminiscent of a high kinetic energy of the hydrogen nuclei. This is therefore compatible with the formation of a binuclear atom according to Cerofolini’s idea in which the binuclear atom would be characterized by a high kinetic energy of the nuclei.

Peak Energy

Wavelength (nm) Energy (eV)
45.6 27.18
44.2 28.05
37.4 33.15
30.4 40.78
20.5 60.48
14.15 87.62
10.13 122.39
8.29 149.55